Through the Chaparral WEB 18x24.jpg

Eldred Street, Los Angeles - 20" x 16"

This is the latest piece in my series of steep streets around Los Angeles. According to some sources, Eldred Street is the 3rd steepest in the U.S. with a 33.3% gradient; a short distance away, Baxter and Fargo Streets are close behind at about 32%. (See all of the steep streets I've painted to date posted here.)

I painted this over the course of six consecutive days on location, about an hour each day, intrigued by the strong perspective. I wanted to visually anchor the piece with the large Canary Island palm at the bottom of the hill; as you follow the road further, the distance becomes evident as the next Canary palm appears significantly smaller. Along with a few specific houses and roof lines, the vista off towards the San Gabriel Mountains is a big part of this location. I wanted the character of this steep street to appear through a specificity of shapes and colors, creating an overall unity.

Every so often I'll change up the featured painting seen here. The idea is to give a little insight into my inspiration, why I painted something, of what I'm searching for in a particular piece.

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