Iceplant 2015-07-06 12x16.jpg


While teaching an outdoor painting class in Monterey, I was talking with students about their work and watching their progress. Many had been struggling all morning but had also asked some searching questions; we’ve all been there, and I keenly identified with their individual battles engaged across the fields we were at work in. At one point I glanced to the side and noticed the large swathes of iceplant that surrounded us, colorfully carpeting the dunes by the seaside, threading between pines scattered here and there.

Being near the beach, what I saw reminded me of little crab claws reaching up to the sky, but the grasping nature of the forms also seemed to mimic the inquisitive nature of the class. Questions, curiosity, rising and clamoring to learn something new and difficult. One has to ask unceasing questions as an artist, to yourself and the world. There is always something to be learned no matter how far along your path you’ve gone. And it’s not that we necessarily need answers to our constant questions, although we do gain insights in the process of asking them - but the questions keep us engaged in the battle.

Every so often I'll change up the featured painting. The idea is to give a little insight into why I painted something, to give the viewer an idea of what I'm searching for in a particular piece.

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