Underneath the Full Moon 2016-10-15 12x16.jpg

Cemetery Under the Full October Moon, 12” x 16"

How many people do you know who will go to a cemetery to paint the full moon like Eric does? Not invented, but experienced? Waiting in the growing twilight for the moon to rise, headstones barely discernible in the near distance, alone among the mausoleums? Trick or treaters file through the nearby neighborhoods and up to the brightly-lit porches to score some loot, stores brand everything for the season and sell costumes and candy by the bagloads, but the places that are directly tied to these holidays are dark and empty. Our culture makes the celebration morbid, profiting from the masks and the scares, but neither of those really gets to the core - it’s a time that provides for deeper reflection, with eyes in the dark that can still observe the moon.

Every so often I'll change up the featured painting seen here. The idea is to give a little insight into my inspiration, why I painted something, of what I'm searching for in a particular piece.

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