The Cobb Estate

Afternoon in the Foothills, 11" x 10", Oil on board, © Eric Merrell

These were painted at the Cobb Estate in Altadena this past spring. A beautiful area right at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, on clear days you can see all the way out to the Pacific. Hardly anything besides the original foundation of the 1915 mansion remains amidst great groves of eucalypti and oaks. The driveway is flanked by rows of old pines and cypress, and now serves to lead hikers to trailheads.

No More in a Moment, 12" x 12", Oil on board, © Eric Merrell

These were both painted on location. I knew the moon was due to rise, but I couldn't tell exactly where it would appear over the mountains - so I spent some time pacing the trail, trying to determine where best to paint from. When it finally came into view, shadows were advancing quickly, and I had only 30 minutes or less to paint.