Warm Holiday Wishes

san-gabriel-snowfall_sThe Silent Season, 12" x 12", Oil on panel, © Eric Merrell

Wishing you and yours a warm and happy holiday season filled with friends and family. With the coming new year may we continue to be reminded of the big picture and focus on what is important. 

I have been heading up into the San Gabriel Mountains to paint as the recent storms have brought some great snowfalls. It's only about a half hour drive up out of Los Angeles, though you can continue into the wilderness for quite a ways. With such a light key, it's fun to play with the subtle temperature differences and reflected colors while keeping values in check. In addition to umbrellas, I also brought a dark sheet or two to lay on the ground to cut down on the glare. Hard to see color when you're snowblind! I also fashioned this Christmas wreath from some of the cacti in our yard.