Jill Bolte Taylor and How We Think About Art

This video was forwarded to me by my friend, artist Amy Sidrane (Click on the image for the video). It features an amazing talk by brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor about her own experience having a massive stroke. Taylor describes the experience chronologically in details, and explains it in terms of both the left brain and right brain and how they, as separate entities, understand the stroke differently as it unfolds. 

Most fascinating is what this reveals about our understanding of and approach to painting - Where are we mentally when we begin a painting?  What is our awareness while actually creating? Ultimately, we want painting to become as intuitive as possible (the least amount of mental "static") so that we can react specifically to all of the stimuli being received. It is this mentally exhausting challenge, working to exist only in the present (right brain, macro) while quieting distractions about life's details (left brain, micro), that I believe initially imposes a huge roadblock to creating art - but reveals a clear approach to creating, once overcome.

Robert Henri, paraphrasing: Every painting is a record of the artist's mental state at the time it was created.